Dear Deer Taiwan v.s New York Exhibition



展覽日期:4/18-4/19 下午 3pm-9pm

► 地點:西門電影公園都市藝術方塊 免費入場(台北市萬華區康定路19號)

► 展覽介紹:馮鈺婷的創作廣受紐約時報與多家媒體好評報導,2014年的互動影像裝置《Dear Deer》受邀於紐約中央車站Poetry in Motion Springfest、Dumbo Art Festival等藝術季展出,成為第一位獲邀的台灣藝術家 。今年四月,受到文化部的贊助,《Dear Deer》將首度亮相台灣台北,在台北與紐約兩地同步盛大開展,開啓一段詩、藝術、與科技的對話旅程。

Dear Deer, an on-going interactive project by Yu-Ting Feng which invites the viewer to help a deer to compose a poem, has been invited to shown in multiple international art festivals, including the MTA Arts for Transit – POETRY IN MOTION SPRINGFEST, A Two-Day Festival of Poetry at Grand Central, New York and 2014 Dumbo Art Festival at Brooklyn. As an artist and designer, Yu-Ting’ work was featured in New York Times, Cretus Magazine, Taipei Times and many others. In this April, Dear Deer will debut in Taiwan, presenting in Urban Show Case in Taipei and followed by a new exhibition using real-time data in New York.

工作人員 Credit
概念 裝置 Project by 馮鈺婷 Yu-Ting Feng
策展 Curator 陳佳音 Jiayin Chen
台灣展覽 Taiwan Curator 蔡宇薇 Violet Tsai
視覺設計 Art Director 劉礫涵 Hank Liu
數據可視化藝術家 Data Visualization Artist 申有振 Youjin Shin
裝置影像拍攝 Installation Cinematographer 唐浩恆 Steven Tong
台灣裝置協力 Taiwan Technical Support 劉俊彥 Chun-Yan Liu
台灣裝置協力 Taiwan Technical Support 劉威成 Wei Cheng Liu
台灣攝影協力 Taiwan Shooting Support 湯育宇 Yu-Yu Tang
紐約裝置協力 New York Technical Support 陳若昕 Laura Juo-Hsin Chen



Dear Deer in Taiwan from Feng on Vimeo.



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