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Rabbit in the subway


Yu-Ting Feng comes from an island nation called Taiwan and now lives in Manhattan, another island. She has a BA from Yuan Zen University of Taiwan, and a diploma from the Chinese Film Association. She is trained as a filmmaker, with an academic background in communications, technology and art.

She worked with a number of international non-profit and art-related organizations and participated in events such as Reduce the Digital Divide in Africa, India, and Nepal; Post-Actitud Exhibition in Mexico; International Folk Festival in Italy; and off Avignon Festival in France. Her works have screened at film festivals in Tokyo, Beijing, Kaohsiung and Taipei. Yu-Ting is also the co-founder of IMoviee.com and 5406 Ltd.. Additionally, she has taught at both national and private universities. Her script “Seven Days After A Son’s Death” won Best Screenplay Award in Taiwan in 2012. In 2014, she interactive art work got selected by New York Dumbo Art Festival, and  MTA in grand central terminal as part of the MTA Arts for Transit Springfest. Yu-Ting holds and MPS in interactive telecommunications from NYU Tisch; she focuses on nontraditional interactive storytelling, specifically works that evoke poetic moments in public spaces. You can see her work on New York Times, Cretus magazine, and so on.



Artist Website: http://feng-yuting.com/

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Taipei Times

2014 Dumbo Art Festival 

New York Times

Best American Poetry

Domus digital magazine

Sino TV

Apple Daily 

CTV (China Television CO.)

NYU Local

Flux Factory Solar Power light installation Show

Apple new (Taiwan)


馮鈺婷,台灣互動影像藝術家,以作品《背光》獲得 2009 年台灣高雄電影節最佳劇情片跟第八屆中國北京電影學院國際學生影視作品展,次年 (2010) 獲得台灣公共電視及麥當勞兒童之家贊助,拍攝追生命的孩子三段紀錄影片中的第三段《心跳戰士》,並入圍兒童影展觀摩影片,作品於公共電視,八大電視播出,2012年以劇本《死後七日》獲得台灣一百年度行政院新聞局優良劇本獎,2014年受邀自紐約中央車站,成為第一位受邀展覽的亞洲藝術家,作品《Dear Deer》入選2014年 紐約Dumbo Art festival,作品散見於紐約時報以及各報章媒體雜誌,創作游走於 MV、廣告、劇情片、紀錄片及互動藝術之間,主張創作沒有一定形式,只需找到屬於他們的樣子,2014年畢業於紐約大學互動電信研究所(NYU itp),曾任職於世界知名博物館設計公司 RAA,現任職於互動先驅ESI Design,專注於新媒體藝術與影片跟空間之間的交互應用。




2009 年 ─ 電影畢業作《背光》

獲獎:2009 年高雄電影節 最佳劇情片

獲獎:第八屆北京電影學院 國際學生影視作品展

2010 年─ 紀錄片《心跳戰士》


2012 年─ 劇本《死後七日》

獲獎:一百年度行政院新聞局 優良劇本獎

2014 年─ 互動裝置藝術《Dear Deer》

邀展:紐約中央車站 春季讀書節

2014年─ 紐約Dumbo 藝術節獲選藝術家

© 2016 Feng, Yu-Ting

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