Dear Deer in Amsterdam


Show Time: 10/12-10/21

Location: CineKid Festival – Media Lab (Pazzanistraat 33 ,1014 DB Amsterdam)

Interactivity can come in different levels. Usually, it means that the user can choose from a series of preselected actions that have a limited range of effects. However, in its ultimate form, an interactive work will enable the viewer to truly make an imprint on the eventual output. Dear Deer is a work where one can leave a serious and personal impression on the final work, which you can take home as well.

Dear Deer, an on-going interactive project by Yu-Ting Feng, invites the viewer to help a deer to overcome his writer’s block. The viewer sits behind an old fashioned typewriter and faces a projection in which he or she sees the deer sitting behind his desk. Facing writer’s block, the unnamed deer asks each person a set of questions, like “What did you have for breakfast?” or “When was the last time you were happy?” Participants reply by using a keyboard to type in their responses, which are used to help the deer “write” a poem. The input texts are algorithmically transformed into a personal poem that can be read from the screen and is also printed out right in front of the visitor for him or her to take home. The poems are short, funny and contemplative and especially for the MediaLab exposition; Dear Deer is celebrating its Dutch premiere.

Dear Deer has been invited to shown in multiple international art festivals, including the MTA Arts for Transit – POETRY IN MOTION SPRINGFEST, 2014 Dumbo Art Festival at Brooklyn, and Red House Theater in Taiwan. As an artist and designer, Yu-Ting’ work was featured in New York Times,Taipei Times, AD weeks, tech insider and many others.


工作人員 Credit
概念 裝置 Project : 馮鈺婷 Yu-Ting Feng
打印機程式軟體協力 Printer Software : 孫德慶 Deqing Su
藝術節 Festival  Cinekid

特別感謝 Special Thanks
陳芥平 Chiehping Chen, 林佑庭 Yu-Ting Lin, Matt Weisgerber, NYU ITP, Parsons, ESI design